Oh what a night!

23 Mar

“Hi, this is Joanna from Kitchen at Penn. We are just calling to confirm your order – it is the same one that we received and filled two hours ago… Chicken Pot Pie, no mushrooms. Did you receive your first order already?”

“Oh yeah, I got the first one. I just liked it so much I wanted another meal.”

Music to our ears. Having been through the first month of service, where some technical problems combined with lack of expertise in the kitchen (I myself am guilty as charged) has led to several mishaps filling orders that don’t exist, doubling orders accidentally, etc. etc., realizing a double order was not a mistake but rather a deliberate compliment to our cuisine was a welcome event.

So, we prepped two more of our little handheld Chicken Pot Pies, baked them to perfection, and added a side of roasted Sweet Potato Wedges (instead of the Garlic Mashed that were part of the first order.) I can’t tell you what a sense of pride it gave me to seal the bag with a Kitchen sticker and send out a second meal to the same person in the same night, just because the food was so good he couldn’t get enough.

In other news, that same Tuesday broke a record for us with the highest number of orders we have ever received. It can partially be attributed to Nate and Dan’s efforts earlier in the day, where they passed out samples of our Banana Bread Pudding on Locust Walk, as well as menus which included info about our new days and specials. But, it was also the fact that the food was on spot, delivered on time, with delicious results.

Tonight we are trying a few new things – a Salmon with oil, lemon and herbs as well as Eggplant Parmesan (a specialty of Nate’s). If you happen to find yourself in Philly, give either of them a try. But if, as we predict, our readers are mostly (well, entirely) our families – then just drool from where you are and promise to order the next time you are visiting us!

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