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Hugo: Our Very Own Web Designer

9 Apr

This is Hugo.  The Half-French, Half-Japanese cartoonist that designed our website and print materials.

Hugo's Cartoon of Himself

This is Hugo’s newest work.  A Kitchen at Penn Poster that will be hung up all around campus:

Isn't this Ill?

Check his work out at  All of his work is awesome, and he deserves all of the praise he has gotten thus far.


Meet Joey: Delivery/Prep Chef Extraordinaire

8 Apr

When Joey walked into the kitchen his first night to work as a delivery man, we thought we had a problem. See, my nickname is Jo and so was his… which would have probably pushed our chaotic culinary scrambling over the edge into extreme confusion and eventual meltdown. However, in his easy-going manner that we have learned to expect day-in and day-out, the newest Kitchen member accepted the alternative nickname Joey and it has stuck ever since.

That is, of course, when Nate and Jordan haven’t decided to call him one of the dozen other endearing names they have come up with over the course of many long nights working until all the dishes are clean and the floors scrubbed. Some of them include (but are not limited to): Joey Puddings, Josiah, Biker Joey, Joseph A. Bank (how ironic), and many more.

Joey started out delivering for us, and loved the Kitchen feel (or was crazy enough) to come on full time as Prep Chef before service begins, delivery man while service is going on, and assistant cleaner to all but Nate, who doesn’t clean much anyways. Asked what he likes to do outside of the kitchen, Joey answers simply that he “loves to make things – anything.” This ranges from the mouth-watering fudgy brownies that he brought in one night for us to try (and which have subsequently become a staple dessert on our menu) to wood projects.

Whether for his constant smile and charm, or the fun he brings to the kitchen be it through some random fifties jazz music or stories about his dreams of traveling cross country on his bike, Joey is an invaluable addition to our team. Despite his odd taste in food – he wanted Jordan to make him spaghetti with tomato sauce and chunks of cheddar cheese last night – we are all very happy to have him aboard. Plus, what would we do with the old mac and cheese if he weren’t there to finish it off each night?

Joey in his element, biscuit and utensils in hand.