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Hugo: Our Very Own Web Designer

9 Apr

This is Hugo.  The Half-French, Half-Japanese cartoonist that designed our website and print materials.

Hugo's Cartoon of Himself

This is Hugo’s newest work.  A Kitchen at Penn Poster that will be hung up all around campus:

Isn't this Ill?

Check his work out at  All of his work is awesome, and he deserves all of the praise he has gotten thus far.


One Crazy Night and Purple Potatoes

5 Feb

The first semi-official day of service.

We had to get 55 separate orders out in one night for our promotional “dinner parties.”  One entrée, one side and one dessert each.  On the menu, we offered Lasagna, Chicken Pot Pie, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Schnitzel, Vegan Bastilla, Meatloaf and two entrée Salads.  We also had an assortment of sides, including our  vivid sweet potato wedges, a mix of PURPLE Okinawa’s and ORANGE basic sweet’s (pictured below) and Kitchen’s famous banana bread pudding.

We had 4 hours to prep and 4 people in the kitchen.  We were on a timer top-chef style; every half hour a booming announcement by Jordan let us know how much needed to be accomplished, and each time the list became shorter and shorter until everything was ready to be fired (the final touches of cooking).  Then Nate got the containers ready and read out each order, plating them and boxing them to go.  Everything was ready (almost) on time, we got it out the door hot and on its way to the first ever official Kitchen service.

Let’s just say it was a real live practice run, and it was extremely hectic, but we think we executed it close to perfection.  The feedback has been resoundingly positive, and we hope our patrons are excited for what is come on February 16th, when the real deal opens.