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First Weekend in the Kitchen

3 Feb

This past weekend was our first real time in the kitchen, and what a weekend it was. From making fresh, creamy ricotta to searing tuna and brussel sprouts, we had our hands full. Our friends, who got to taste some of the goods, were unanimously positive with their feedback. We have all just about recovered from the exhausting three day trial – only a taste of what is to come – and can’t wait for the fun this upcoming weekend has to offer.

Here are some photos from our test kitchen, taken by the fabulous Miss Susan Kolber. Look, enjoy, and get ready for some delicious food.

Nate, Daniel, Sanaë, Joanna and Chef Jordan in the kitchen

Nate, Daniel, Sanaë, Joanna and Chef Jordan in the Kitchen.

Sanaë making some Pot Pie

Sanaë assembling Chicken Pot Pies.

Jordan Perfecting his Pie.

Jordan Perfecting his Pie.

View of Kitchen.

Dan peeling the Roasted Beets.

Joanna rolling pastry dough for Pot Pies.

View of Kitchen.

Pot Pie ingredients hanging out on the stove.

Sanaë wrapping the Foccacia.

Dan working on the Banana Bread Pudding.

View of the Kitchen.Jordan stirring his famous Bread Pudding.

Pots and pans.

View of the Kitchen.